Best Moving Packing Tips: Should I Empty Dresser Drawers for the Move?

One of the more tricky items to move is your wardrobe because clothes can be both bulky and cumbersome to pack. This means they take up a lot of space in the moving truck and can take up a lot of your movers’ time. All that translates to added moving expenses.

One way people try to get around this is by packing clothes in a dresser in order to conserve space. Is this the best idea, though?

Should You Pack or Empty Dresser Drawers for the Move?

Know the Limits of Your Furniture

You know your furniture a lot better than your movers do, so you know how sturdy and dependable that dresser is—or isn’t. If the dresser is rickety, broken, or otherwise unstable, it’s not the best idea to move your dresser with added weight and bulk inside.

The best rule of thumb is to use common sense. If the furniture isn’t that sturdy sitting on the ground, it’s definitely not going to be sturdy when it’s twisted and shifted going up and down stairs or being transported into the moving truck.

Furniture made from thin material such as particle board generally should be moved without items in the drawers, while furniture made from heavy, substantial material such as oak or other hardwoods can often handle clothes inside its dresser drawers for moving.

When in Doubt, Pack

If you’re unsure whether your dresser can handle moving with clothes inside, err on the side of caution. If you have any doubts, it’s better to simply pack the clothes. It will potentially save you from having to deal with broken or damaged furniture, and it will be safer for whoever is moving the furniture itself.

If you have any particularly special or essential clothes that you want to ensure make the move safely, any such items should be left out and packed separately.

What to Put (and Not Put) in Drawers

When moving a sturdy dresser, clothes, linens, and small pillows are all ideal items to go in the drawers.

Avoid overly heavy items such as books, easily breakable items, or very small items that could slip out. It’s preferable to pack any and all of those possessions.

Securing the Drawers

Once you’ve determined your furniture is sturdy enough to handle items in the drawers, how should you secure the drawers shut?

If you’re letting your movers handle this, they will often use saran wrap or special rubber bands to keep the drawers from sliding open or shifting during the move. Keep in mind that some companies will wrap everything, and some will not. One way is not preferential to the other. If you’re particularly concerned about a piece of furniture, you can request your movers wrap it. Any reputable moving company should heed these kinds of specific requests.

If you’re doing it yourself, always remember to avoid tape. If the furniture is painted, tape can damage that paint job. At the very least, it can leave a sticky residue that’s difficult and time-consuming to remove.

When doing the actual moving, tip the furniture so the drawers are faceup. This is especially important for drawers that open very easily.

For more information about helpful packing tips, please contact a representative of All Star Movers a Northern Virginia Mover.

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