Ensure Your Mover Has the Right Moving Equipment to Protect Your Items

When you’re looking to secure the services of a local moving company, a number of factors are important to consider, and that includes whether they are reputable and experienced enough to provide all the moving equipment needed to get your stuff safely from point A to point B. Not only will the proper equipment help transport your items in the best way possible, but having that equipment (and being knowledgeable about what equipment is even needed) can help you select which moving company is best prepared to help with your move.

What Professional Moving Equipment Your Movers Should Always Provide

Why the Cost to Move Shouldn’t Be Your Only Deciding Factor

It’s tempting when you’re comparing local movers to simply jump at the lowest price. However, you should always consider whether that cheap initial price is going to end up costing you in the long run. Whether you’re an individual in a residence or a business, the ultimate end goal of every move is to ensure everything arrives at the destination safely.

Local moving companies that offer suspiciously low pricing might be able to do so because they’re cutting corners, and one place that’s often shortchanged is the moving equipment. If they don’t have the correct, proper equipment, though, you run the risk of your belongings, the old location, and the new location suffering damage and potentially expensive, headache-inducing repairs.

Reputable Moving Companies: It Starts with a Good Moving Truck

The first piece of moving equipment you need to consider is the moving truck itself. It should be in good shape, and the floors should be clean. Especially if you’re moving items like mattresses, you want that exposed floor to be as clean as possible. This helps avoid damage or staining.

A poorly maintained or shoddily cleaned truck is your first indication you’re not dealing with a reputable moving company.

Experienced Movers Come with Furniture Pads

A furniture pad is a very common piece of moving equipment, and just about any professional moving company is going to bring these along to every move.

Be aware, however, that some moving companies will charge a small fee to use these pads. If your company hasn’t explicitly told you whether they charge for this or not, make sure you ask the following questions of your moving estimator:

  • Do you use furniture pads?
  • Do you charge for their use?

Many movers will also wrap upholstered furniture in good shrink wrap.

Dollies: From Floor Dollies to Two-Wheel Dollies to Refrigerator Dollies

Dollies are another common piece of equipment you’ll see among professional movers. There are three main varieties: a floor dolly (or four-wheel dolly), a refrigerator dolly, and the more standard two-wheel dolly.

The floor dolly allows a mover to move stuff easily that would otherwise be awkward to move alone or might require the time and effort of two movers to relocate.

A refrigerator dolly is obviously specifically for your fridge. It’s a standard dolly but with straps to secure that fridge or upright freezer.

The two-wheeled dollies are most often used for moving several boxes at once. Without the aid of a floor dolly or two-wheeled dolly, a mover could drop something heavy, damaging the item and the floor. Alternately, the mover might simply drag a box that’s too heavy to lift, which can cause scratches and other damage to hardwood floors.

Professional Moving Companies Should Accommodate Special Requests—Just Ask during the Moving Estimate

Remember, it’s essential during all in-home moving estimates to show your potential moving companies everything that needs to be moved.

If, for example, you have a specialty item, such as a piano, the moving company is only going to bring the piano board if they know they’re moving a piano that day.

Certain pieces of equipment take up a lot of room in the truck, so movers often won’t bring those pieces until they specifically know they are necessary. Even floor dollies, they might only bring a few unless you make it clear the job is large enough that more are needed.

Reliable Moving Companies Know How to Handle Specialty Items

If you have a particularly valuable item that you aren’t certain how to move, just ask! A reliable moving company should be able to offer an adequate solution. For example, many reliable movers will build custom wood crates for specific items, such as large pieces of glass, marble countertops, chandeliers, and more.

Note, there is often an extra charge for this. Also, if you choose not to crate these kinds of items, your movers will probably not insure them.

A Basic Set of Tools

The last thing any experienced moving company will bring along is a basic set of tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers. These tools often come in handy throughout a move, including when disassembling and reassembling furniture.

For more information about what equipment to expect your moving company to bring, please feel free to contact a representative of All Star Movers, Fairfax movers since 1977.

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