Best Moving Tips: Inexpensive Movers Are Not Always the Best Choice

If you’re looking to relocate soon, it’s likely that you’ve started to do some research into your local moving companies. You might even be starting to gather moving estimates. If that’s the case, don’t forget the adage that you get what you pay for, as this certainly holds true for moving companies. Simply choosing the cheapest moving quote is not always the best option, and it can definitely end up costing you in hassle, worry, and even money.

Beware of These Potential Pitfalls With Cheap Moving Prices

You’re Paying for Professional Moving Experience

If you get multiple quotes and one price is much higher or lower than the others, there’s a good chance you should throw that company out. While this doesn’t always hold true, a moving company that doesn’t align with industry standard pricing could spell bad news for you. Too high, and you might be overpaying. Too low, and you might be paying in other ways due to lack of experience.

This inexperience can lead to:

  • Broken or damaged items, all of which can end up costing you money or lost time dealing with insurance claims.
  • Less professionalism with the movers, trucks, and moving equipment.
  • Inaccurate initial estimates, meaning you end up paying a lot more than you initially thought.

Where Are They Cutting Corners?

If a quote seems radically lower than other residential moving companies, you have to wonder where they are cutting costs in order to afford those low rates. Some possible explanations include:

Employees Playing Double Duty

Significantly lower costs might mean fewer employees. When everyone at a company has to fulfill multiple roles (foreman, driver, and mover in one, for example), it can lead to hindered communication. If your point of contact is out on a job every day, you’re probably not going to get your questions answered or your problems resolved in a timely way.

Hiring Day Laborers

Very low prices might mean the company is avoiding full-time salaries and hiring day laborers instead, which can present a laundry list of potential issues with your move—not the least of which is a possible language barrier between you and your moving crew.

Inadequately Insuring the Company

Lower prices could be the result of the company skipping insurance altogether or having inadequate coverage. This leaves you vulnerable should anything unexpected happen to your items during transit.

Hidden Moving Costs

Remember, one of the best moving tips is that inexpensive moving companies can actually be more expensive than they initially seem. Watch for:

  • Surcharges not included in the estimate.
  • Expensive fees such as paying for each truck or paying per mile.
  • Companies that will overbook jobs, which could result in your move getting unexpectedly bumped.

Factor in Your Type of Move

They type of move you want to undertake also matters in this decision. If you’re only looking to move one or two items of little significance to you (such as old, cheap furniture), the moving company might not need to be as experienced and reputable as if you’re looking to relocate your entire life. It entirely depends on what you’re looking to move and how much those items means to you. If you care about your possessions, an experienced moving company and a reputable moving company becomes very important.

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