Best Moving Tips: When to Switch Utilities for Your Move

In the moving process, there are always so many little steps to accomplish. Often these tasks aren’t difficult, but they are necessary to facilitating a smooth transition from one home to the next. One such task is switching all your utilities before the move. This ensures your new home is ready to go on move day, but it also safeguards you against having to pay for the previous tenant’s use of those utilities.

Important Moving Tips – When You Should Begin Switching Utilities for Your Move?

Every Utility (and Utility Company) Is Different

When you switch utilities, remember that every utility company is going to have a slightly different policy. Make sure to call each company well in advance of your move day to see what the individual representatives recommend.

These companies are used to working with people who move, so they should have easy-to-follow instructions in place.

Be Organized

The best way to ensure you get everything done in a timely manner is to be organized. Make sure your moving checklist includes making a list of all your utilities. If you have an organized list, you’re much less likely to forget a company in the rush of moving day.

Be especially certain to call your cable provider to notify them of your move. If this isn’t transferred over on the correct day, the new tenant could be using your cable (and racking up a very high bill) until that account is properly transferred.

Timing Is Important

While you certainly want to call ahead, you don’t want to act on switching utilities too quickly. As a general rule of thumb, don’t schedule to switch anything until you actually take possession of the new house. This applies to switching the old utilities out of your name as well as switching the new utilities into your name.

In terms of contacting the companies, however, a good moving tip is to call those companies four to six weeks in advance of the move. This gives you enough time to get everything in order that needs to be taken care of, and it’s far enough out that you won’t be distracted by an overwhelming laundry list of items on your moving checklist.

Remember the Difference between Switching and Switching Off

One of the most helpful utility-related moving day tips is remembering the distinction between switching utilities into your name and switching the utilities off entirely. Switching the utilities off is often not necessary. Rather, it’s just a matter of getting the billing information switched into the correct name.

Usually in order to turn the utilities back on after switching them off entirely, a representative needs to come out in person to get service back up and running. This inevitable delay can mean days without power, water, or any other utility for the home’s new occupant.

If you’re feeling confused or unsure about any of these steps, don’t hesitate to ask your local moving company for clarification. A reputable, experienced moving crew should be able to talk you through this process in a clear, thorough way.

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