Tips For Your Moving Day

Valuable moving Information for Your Local Move or Long Distance Move

All Star Movers – Tips for Your Moving Day

  • Be on hand when the crew arrives to answer questions and give special instructions.
  • Accompany the driver as he prepares your inventory. Ask questions if you are unsure of the condition that the driver is noting.
  • All furniture that is loaded onto the moving vans will be covered with protective quilts. Rugs will be rolled and taped by the moving crew, loaded last and delivered first so that they can be laid in empty rooms.
  • Before the crew leaves for your new home, make a room by room check including closets and storage areas to ensure all items to be moved have been loaded.
  • Provide the driver with your cell number in case he needs to reach you during the course of the move.
  • Make sure you have copies of the Bill of Lading and Inventories before the driver leaves.
  • Acquire the driver’s truck number, agency and contact information. This will make it easier to reach the driver if you have questions or if your plans change.
  • Make sure the driver has the correct address of your new home or storage facility.
  • An adult must be available to direct unloading and placement of large furniture items.
  • You may want to fasten a general floor plan to the door of each room.
  • When unloading, each large piece of furniture will be placed as you direct. Please have a floor plan in mind to ensure that the move will flow efficiently.
  • All Star Moving crews do not enter attics or crawl spaces, unless indicated on the invoice.
  • By law, the following items cannot be loaded onto the moving van: aerosol cans, flammables, ammunition, corrosives, or explosives. Please take care of these items prior to moving day.