Tips to Prepare for Your Move

Valuable moving Information for a Local Move or Long Distance Move

All Star Movers – Important Moving Preparation Tips

  1. If necessary, please reserve elevators, loading docks, or truck parking areas.
  2. Do not water plants for three days prior to your move. Small plants should be placed in cartons, large plants tied and prepared for moving.
  3. Drain oil and fuel from lawn mowers and other machinery or equipment. Please be safe and dispose of oil and gas correctly. Contact your local authorities if you have questions.
  4. Bleed propane tanks from gas grills or remove and transport by car. Clean all grills the day before your move.
  5. Separate and label items that will not be moved.
  6. Place non-furniture items, that are not to be moved, in bathroom or closet and label door: “DO NOT MOVE”.
  7. Bring items out of crawlspace and attic, organize garage and tool shed for moving. Tape or tie yard tool handles in bundles of 3 or 4.


All Star Movers –¬†Moving Packing and Preparation Tips

  • A typical home takes a four man crew about a full day to pack (35 man hours).
  • All Star Packing Crews are available for complete or partial packing services.
  • All packing should be completed prior to the arrival of your moving crew.
  • Unpacked items will not be moved.
  • If you are packing yourself, have a magic marker, knife and packing tape readily available.
  • Label each carton: 1. Room to be delivered to at new home. 2. Contents. Brief description. 3. Special instructions: “Fragile,” “This End Up,” etc. 4. Unpacking priority: unpack first/last.
  • It is often easier to pack one room at a time. Start with the least used areas of the home: attic, garage, storage and basement. Then, move onto the living areas.
  • Clear a good sized work space for wrapping fragile items: a dining room table or kitchen island is ideal.
  • All cartons should be taped both on the top and bottom. Books and other heavy items need to be double taped on the bottom of the carton.
  • Pack heavy items on the bottom, lighter items on the top. Do not pack breakable items with heavy non- breakable items.
  • Make sure that all breakable items have an inch of paper cushioning between layers.
  • Use towels or linens as extra padding for fragile cartons.
  • Slightly over-pack each carton before closing. This adds strength to the carton.
  • We recommend that you move your valuable fragile cartons. Same for items of excessive value (jewelery, coins, bonds, cash).
  • Use up most of your food supply to eliminate extra packing and unpacking.
  • Fill suitcases with sweaters, linens or clothing. A good idea is to pack suitcases with clothing that you will need the first few days after the move.
  • Pack electronics in original cartons if available.
  • Clothing may be left in dressers. All breakables, valuables and non-clothing items should be removed.
  • Antique dressers should be moved empty.
  • Liquids in containers that are not factory sealed should not be packed to prevent leakage and possible furniture damage.
  • All Star Moving Crews do not pack without prior arrangements.



  • All gas appliances must be serviced by a gas company service representative.
  • Freezers and refrigerators must be moved empty. Defrost and towel dry before moving day.
  • Refrigerators with automatic ice makers require servicing prior to moving.
  • Occasionally, appliance doors must be removed to fit through doorways. Reassembly is the customers responsibility
  • Microwave ovens require no servicing other than removing and packing the glass tray.
  • Monitor appliances when first using in new home. Make sure that washing machine hoses are not leaking.



  • Standard beds will be disassembled and reassembled by All Star Movers.
  • Mirrors, hutches, bookcases or china cabinets attached to furniture bases will be dismantled by All Star Movers.
  • Electric fixtures and other permanently attached items are to be disconnected by the customer.
  • Wall units, cribs, bunk beds, platform beds, water beds, shop equipment, swing sets and similar items are to be dismantled and reassembled by the customer unless otherwise noted on the invoice.
  • Disconnect all wiring on electronic equipment prior to the arrival of the moving crew.
  • Tape permanent wiring together and tape to component.