10 Signs You Should Hire a Moving Company

Is working with a moving company right for you? This is an important question that many people must ask themselves when contemplating their next moves. Use the following signs to gauge whether a moving company is the best fit for you.

10 Reasons You Should Hire A Moving Company

1. You need help with the logistics.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your impending move, a moving company can help answer your questions and provide advice based on years of moving experience.

2. You don’t have the proper equipment.

Moving safely and efficiently requires any number of tools—a truck or SUV as well as proper moving equipment. These pieces of equipment keep you safe while moving heavy items, and they protect your items from damage during the move.

3. You’re concerned about time.

Time is money in many circumstances, and moving is no exception. Some people balk at the idea of hiring movers because they figure it’s cheaper to just do it themselves. Potentially that’s true, but there can be unexpected costs associated with doing it yourself.

Moving without professionals almost always takes longer than expected. If that means having to rent the truck for an extra day, the added fees can really add up. If you have to take any days off work to complete the move, it becomes especially costly.

4. You have fragile or specialty furniture.

If any of your possessions are particularly tricky to move, it’s often better to leave those items to moving company professionals who have the experience and proper equipment. Trying to move these possessions on your own could lead to damage to the items and costly repairs or even replacements.

5. You’ve never driven a large truck.

Moving trucks are cumbersome and large and can be difficult to maneuver. If you’re unfamiliar with trucks such as this, letting a moving company take over can save you worry and stress. I can also potentially save you money if you do scratch or ding the vehicle.

6. You don’t have enough helpers or heavy lifters.

If you can’t enlist any friends or relatives to help with the heavy items in your home, consider choosing a moving company. Doing it on your own is difficult and time-consuming, which can actually end up costing you more in the long run.

7. You’re afraid of (or prone to) injury.

If moving couches, dressers, refrigerators, or any other heavy items has you concerned about injuries, a moving company could alleviate those qualms. Injury from strain or improperly moved items is a possibility, and letting professionals with the proper tools handle it keeps you, your friends, and your family safe.

8. You have other issues to deal with during the move.

People lead busy lives, and unfortunately those busy lives continue even during moves. If you have children to shuttle to and from school, pets to watch, or any other number of items to take care of in your life, a professional moving company can deal with the move while you handle your day-to-day responsibilities, obligations, and commitments.

Whether purchasing a home or renting a new place, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with signing the lease, setting up utilities, and handling numerous other move-in duties. Having the move taken care of frees you up to deal with these necessary (and sometimes time-consuming) responsibilities.

9. You want your items insured during the move.

If you have any number of especially valuable items to move, you could benefit from the added moving insurance you receive when working with a professional moving company. Moving yourself offers no such guarantees.

10. You have a permanent or temporary inability to pack for a move.

Whether due to injury or a preexisting condition, if packing is physically difficult or impossible, a professional moving company is a convenient alternative for packing your items.

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